Women’s Rights Organization – WAF

Women's Rights Organization
Women's Rights Organization

Women’s Rights Organization – WAF is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women (WAF). In Karachi, the Women’s Action Forum was founded in 1981. A women’s rights organization with offices in numerous Pakistani cities. It is a non-profit organization that is not partisan, hierarchical or financed. Regardless of political affiliations, belief systems, or nationality, it supports all facets of women’s rights concerns. WAF’s original members were women from Karachi’s civil society organizations. WAF continued to focus on women’s concerns and expanded its reach by partnering with other organizations. When women were fired from their positions in the private sector, protests were held. As a result, WAF was instrumental in combating discrimination against women.

Women's Rights Organization
Women’s Rights Organization

Countrywide Presence 

The Women’s Action Forum with a National Presence w as founded in Karachi in September 1981. The Lahore and Islamabad Chapters were created the next year. The Peshawar chapter was formed a few years later. In May 2008, a WAF chapter was established in Hyderabad, Sindh Province. In Pakistan, WAF engages in active lobbying and advocacy on behalf of women. It organizes protests and public awareness campaigns. It is dedicated to a democratic society that is just and peaceful.

Activities & Services

WAF has taken on topics such as fighting discriminatory legislation against women, women’s invisibility in government plans and policies, women’s exclusion from media, sports, and cultural activities, women’s dress restrictions, violence against women, and women’s solitude. WAF’s work has resulted in the formation of several women’s rights organizations and resource centers, extending the organization’s reach. WAF views all concerns as “women’s issues,” and has taken stances on national and international events. It joins forces with democratic and progressive forces in the country, as well as minorities and other oppressed peoples in their battle.


To fight dictatorships, religious discrimination, and for the restoration of democracy, as well as to support women’s, religious minorities, and economically disadvantaged people’s rights. WAF is a secular, non-profit, non-partisan organization that believes that women’s rights are human rights and that all citizens, regardless of sex, class, creed, sect, nationality, or faith, should be treated equally. The WAF is a great believer in the separation of powers, and the military and religion should be kept out of politics and governance.


  • In Pakistan, the Women’s Action Forum has had significant success in putting women on the national agenda, influencing government policies and plans as well as political party and leader manifestos. Women’s Action Forum has taken up problems such as opposing discriminatory legislation against women and women’s invisibility in government plans and strategies.
  • Women’s Action Forum advocacy has resulted in the formation of numerous women’s rights organizations and resource centers, expanding the organization’s reach. It aligns itself with the country’s democratic and progressive forces.

Purpose & Mission of Women’s Rights Organization – WAF

Women’s representation in parliament, family planning awareness, and public pronouncements on women’s issues are among the organization’s current objectives. The Women’s Action Forum (WAF), also known as Khawateen Mahaz-e-Amal, is a feminist organization dedicated to empowering women to fight for their rights. WAF is dedicated to a just and peaceful society founded on democracy, as well as the separation of religion from government and politics. It’s also a lobbying and pressure group dedicated to defending women’s rights by combating all sorts of injustice. WAF is a non-hierarchical, non-government organization that is not linked with any political party. It receives no money from the government, non-government organizations, or international organizations. Its goal is to bring individuals and organizations together on a shared platform to advocate for women’s rights.


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