The Earths Biosphere and Environment


The Earths Biosphere

The Earths Biosphere is the part where life exists, extends from the deepest tress roots to ocean trenches, rain forests & high mountaintops.

In other words, the Biosphere of the earth has a very thin layer In which environmental spheres interface with the atmosphere. Therefore, the geosphere and hydrosphere contain virtually the whole biosphere consisting of living organisms. In great depths in the water, there exist some specialized life forms. They are still relatively close to atmospheric contact.

The Biosphere of Earth
The Earth’s Biosphere

Benefits of The Biosphere of the Earth

Above all, The Earths Biosphere has a great impact and is affected by, the rest of the environment. The conversion of the Earth’s original reducing atmosphere to an oxygen-rich atmosphere that is consume the living organism. CO2 would remove from the atmosphere when photosynthetic organisms, preventing uncontrolled greenhouse warming of the Earth’s surface process occurs. Organisms are heavily involved in weathering processes. They break down rocks in the geosphere and convert rock matter to the soil, Similarly, determining aquatic chemistry in bodies of water.

Role of plants in Biosphere of Earth

Plant photosynthesis fixes solar energy (HV) and carbon from atmospheric CO2 in the form of high-energy biomass, represented as CH2O. Therefore, the biosphere is built on plant photosynthesis, which fixes solar energy (HV) and carbon from atmospheric CO2 in the form of high-energy biomass, represented as CH2O.

CO2 + H2O + hv A {CH2O} + O2


In addition, Plants and algae are autotrophic organisms. In other words, they use solar or chemical energy to fix components from nonliving inorganic material. After that, they convert them into complex life molecules that make up living organisms.

All fossil fuels in the geosphere are made up of carbon that is fixed in photosynthesis. Biodegradation is the reverse of photosynthesis. It breaks down biomass, stopping it from collecting in the ecosystem and releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere:

{CH2O} + O2 (g) A CO2 + H2O

Human impact on biosphere of the earth

Between the biosphere and the anthroposphere, there is a significant link. The biosphere provides humans with food, fuel, and raw materials. In the future, due to limited petroleum supplies, sustainability will increasingly depend on the biosphere for raw materials and fuel generation. Therefore , Human activities in the biosphere continue to have a great impact. Fertilizers, insecticides, and farming methods have boosted biomass, grain, and food yields.

Ultimate future of human activities

Many species are becoming extinct as a result of habitat destruction, some even before they are found. Bioengineering of organisms is generating significant changes in the features of organisms. It utilizes recombinant DNA technology, as well as the earlier selection and hybridization approaches. The process is expected to produce even more great changes in the future. In conclusion, It is humankind’s duty to make such changes in a manner that protects and nurtures the environment.

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