The Green Politics is the Movement emerged with disasters caused by

  • Population growth
  • Air and water pollution
  • The destruction of tropical and temperate rain forests.
  • The rapid extinction of entire species of plants and animals
  • The greenhouse effect
  • Acid rain
  • Ozone layer depletion
  • Environmental degradation
  • Technological and innovation advancement

The green movements are also termed ecopolitics, concerning environmental perspectives and goals.

Green supporters of the green politics justify and support the movement since the early 1980s, they are active in conceptualizing the ideas of

  • Ecology
  • Conservation,
  • Sustainable development
  • Women empowerment
  • Human rights
  • Peace movements
  • Civil liberties
  • Social justice

Cultural and political crises also caused the green movements to arise.

The community that believes humans have a position above or away from nature has played a role in its emergence.

Major mainstream political perspectives

  • Liberalism
  • Socialism
  • Conservatism

as a force to be conquered or utilized for human purposes and benefits, which leads to human-centered selfishness in the natural world.

We are raising awareness and educating people regarding

Environmental Sciences (Climate change, global warming, environmental events, and sustainable development)

HSE Management (Health safety & environmental management in personal and professional life)

International Relations (Global affairs, conflicts, treaties, war, and peace)

Human Rights (Women empowerment, social justice, child protection, food security, poverty, and non-violence)

Current Affairs (Events all over the globe)

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