Floods in Pakistan – Climate Change

Floods In Pakistan

Floods in Pakistan- For a long time, domestic experts & the international community were shouting, that Pakistan has become the 3rd vulnerable country in the world due to climate change. The international community has realized the long-term dangers posed by climate change and global warming.

The Earths Biosphere and Environment


The Earths Biosphere The Earths Biosphere is the part where life exists, extends from the deepest tress roots to ocean trenches, rain forests & high mountaintops. In other words, the Biosphere of the earth has a very thin layer In which environmental spheres interface with the atmosphere. Therefore, the geosphere and hydrosphere contain virtually the … Read more

Concept of Sustainable Development

Concept of Sustainable Development

Concept of Sustainable Development Before the 1950s the prevailing viewpoint in the West was that humans could and should modify nature to their advantage and that the environment was Virtually limitless and resilient. Nature was to be studied, catalogued, tamed, and exploited. The frontier was still open, with land to settle and relatively few signs … Read more

Safe Work – Plant and Equipment Safety

Safe Work

Safe Work – All plant and equipment (e.g., lift trucks, cars, gas appliances, machinery guarding, ladders, electrical equipment, lifting equipment, air receivers, ventilation plant) that requires maintenance (e.g., pre-shift checks, servicing, complete examinations) must be recognized and maintained. It may be beneficial to keep track of the maintenance checks in a logbook. Before purchasing new … Read more

Safe Place of Work | How Do You Manage Your Work safety

Safe Place of Work

Safe Place of Work: Act of 2012, indeed, strictly have obligation to health protection, safe place of work, and employee who may be harmed with organization work safety. Working in a safe and healthy environment You are in charge of providing: Workplace safety systems. Plants and substances in good working order (e.g., machinery and equipment). … Read more

The Global Warming Solution & Cause

The Global Warming Solution

The Global Warming Solution:- Evidence that humans are causing climate change is unequivocal, but the question of what to do about it remains divisive. Economic, sociological, and political issues all play a role in future planning. Scientists use the phrase climate change to express the complex transformations already altering our planet’s weather and climate systems. … Read more

Health and Safety-Moral & Social Reasons

Health and Safety

Moral Reasons for Maintaining Health and Safety The occupational accident and disease rates back up the moral arguments. Every year, the ILO estimates that 2.2 million people are injured at work or contract work-related diseases around the world. Every year, roughly 270 million workplace accidents occur, with 160 million people suffering from work-related illnesses because … Read more

Health and Safety Environment Terminologies

Health and Safety Environment

Health and Safety Environment Terminologies The term “health and safety environment” (HSE) refers to a division or department within a company that is in charge of adhering to and protecting occupational health and safety rules and regulations, as well as environmental protection. Health –  The protection of people’s bodies and minds from illness brought on … Read more